You may notice some changes if you come here and you don’t have an adblocker. Yes, I’ve put up some ads.

Making comics is my dream job and not only do I enjoy making the comics, but my experience at Denver Comic Con a few months ago showed me that people ENJOY these comics. People that have never seen them before! I know some of you enjoy them because you’re clicking those ‘like’ buttons up there.

An educated guess—from being at the con—tells me that 50-70% of the people who picked up the Illustrated Thesaurus Mini-Comic ended up buying a copy. One awesome guy even came back the next day to get a 2nd copy of IT and the Chronic Malpractice book because his brother was likely to steal the copies he’d originally bought! That certainly was a boost to the ego.

That was a roundabout way of saying the ads are necessary to my goal of making comics for a living. Ads aren’t the greatest, but I’m not going to ask you to purchase anything: you can see the links to the books, ebooks, custom art, and tees floating around already. If you want to support me by purchasing goodies, the options are there. However, I would ask that you turn the ad-blocker off when you visit this site. Just showing up and letting the ads briefly bother you adds a couple of cents to the income jar. Go ahead and block all those big company sites though, those guys are dicks.

And if you see any ads that are grossly out of place, do let me know: aj (at) stewped (dot) com. Send me a screen cap and the link the ad goes to and I will block that crap.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing the comics with your friends!

(subtle t-shirt ad to follow)